Pinot Grigio Alkur Dop


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Pinot Grigio Alkur Dop




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      Our wines are for sale at our live in-person events only.

      Although some turn up their nose at mass produced Pinot Grigios, it is one of the most commercially popular wines. We chose a slightly more complex and fuller body Pinot Grigio from Pavia that delivers an elevated experience but still keeping its versatile nature.

      Pairing - The ultimate versatile wine, it pairs very well with lightly creamy white pasta sauces, baked fish, shellfish and poultry.

      This medium bodied Pinot grigio from the Pavia area is stylish, elegant and versatile. 
      Crisp, floral and light with alluring flavors of yellow apple, citrus fruit. Long finish and aftertaste. 

      Grapes - 100% Pinot Grigio 

      Region - Friuli