Stefano Agostini | Private Chef, Cooking Instructor, Event Host


Stefano comes from a long line fishmongers from Vicenza, a small city in the Northern region of Veneto, and did his culinary training at the Pellegrino Artusi School in Recoaro, not far from where he grew up. His background and experience make him an expert at Northern Italian cuisine and a master fish and seafood chef.

Stefano is also very passionate about sustainability, and currently serves as a director for Slow Food Toronto. As the chef/owner of Pane e Vino Ristorante in Mississauga, he tries to bring this passion to life by offering healthy, locally produced, natural ingredients, and sustainably sourced fish and seafood. 


Fun Fact

  • Although he has lived in Canada for 15 years, Stefano still actively runs the historic Pescheria Agostini fish mongering business with his family in Veneto!