Bruno Di Sarno | Culinary Instructor + Event Host


Bruno’s culinary journey began in his mother’s kitchen in Naples. From an early age he admired her skills in the kitchen and her love of cooking, making beautiful meals for friends and family daily. To this day she remains his inspiration! 

By the age of 14 Bruno was working in kitchens and studying at one of Italy’s oldest culinary schools, Ippolito Cavalcanti. In 1999 his career led him to London, England, where he worked in a number of Michelin Star restaurants before immigrating to Australia, where he worked as a chef and master pizza maker, and where he met his wife, Elizabeth.

By 2009 they moved back to Elizabeth’s home in Canada, where Bruno has worked as a chef, pizza maker, culinary consultant and instructor. Today they have a beautiful home in Burlington, with 3 kids, two cats and a dog.