Marco Marani | Private Chef, Event Host, Instructor


Marco Marani is not your stereotypical Italian chef. Avid skier, football player, musician – and former professional Enduro Rider! – Marco didn’t dedicate himself full-time to cooking until he immigrated to Canada.

Marco was born and raised in Fabriano (Le Marche), a city famous for its artisanal papermaking and its great culinary tradition. He learned about cooking from his mother and his nonna as a child, and later worked at a number of local restaurants around Fabriano, honing his culinary skills with some of the area’s best local chefs.

Marco moved to Toronto in 2012 where he soon joined the Terroni family, helping to open Sud Forno Queen St, Sud Forno Temperance, and most recently, Spaccio. Over the past few years Marco has also branched out on his own, working as a private chef, caterer and cooking instructor. His biggest passion, he says, is to share his own style of cucina marchigiana with guests here in Toronto.