Wine Tasting: Organic & Biodynamic Wines From Italy | Fri Mar 24

Hosted by Massimo Davanzo and Gaia Massai | Food Pairings by Cucinato


$95.00 per ticket


2h 30min

About this experience

A Selection Wines from Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Sardegna

Join us for a fun, interactive wine tasting event, with food pairing by Cucinato, hosted by sommelier Massimo Davanzo (Founder, Solo Cru Wines) and Gaia Massia (co-owner of Fattoria San Quintino winery, Chianti).

Tonight's class will focus on organic and biodynamic winemaking - two kinds of sustainable production that have some similarities, but also some important differences.



Both methods are founded on the same basic idea - to work “with nature” during the winemaking process. So instead of using chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, organic and biodynamic producers use plant and animal diversity to protect and fertilize their crops. They also use few - if any - sulphates.

But there are other aspects of biodynamic winemaking, like soil preparations that include burying cow horns, or the use of the lunar calendar to determine “root, leaf, flower, and fruit” days for planting, harvesting, and pruning, that make it more complex. Critics call this psueudo-science, while proponents see it as holistic.  

The concept behind biodynamics is that everything in the universe is interconnected and gives off a resonance or ‘vibe’... Biodynamic viticulture is the practice of balancing this resonance between vine, man, earth and stars. (

During this evening’s tasting, you’ll learn more about organic and biodynamic winemaking in general, as well as some specifics about the producers and varietals we’ll be sampling from a variety of Italian regions. Massimo and Gaia will share firsthand accounts of producers they’ve worked with, and answer any questions you have!



Spumante Millesimato Extra Dry 2021 by Dissegna

Floral, fruit scented, medium bodied sparkling wine with intense, harmonious flavour. From the ancient wine producing are of Lison, just outside of Venice.

Food Pairing: Fritelle di zucchine

Vermentino di Gallura D.O.C.G. “Petrizza” by Masone Mannu

Delicate flavoured, medium bodied with strong minerality and fruit, from the sunny island region of Sardenia  

Food Pairings: Pizza bianca con zucca e pancetta; gamberi alla griglia

Pinot Nero IGP Veneto 2021 by Dissegna

Medium bodied, smooth tannins, balanced freshness, with a lovely minerality on the finish.

Food pairings: Pizza rossa con prosciutto crudo, stracchino e rucola; pizza bianca con prosciutto cotto e funghi

Sangiovese Rubicone IGP “Guiry” 2020 by Tenuta Mara

100% Sangiovese wine from the hills of Romagna: intense and complex in bouquet; warm, balanced, and moderately tannic in flavour.

Food pairing: pollo alla griglia con cime di rapa

Pribus Bianco IGT Friuli 2015 barrique by Tenuta Beltrame

Hand harvested 100% chardonnay from Friuli Venezia Giulia, barrel aged for 12 months. The oxidization process gives the wine a fullness and complexity uncharacteristic for white wines.

 Food Pairings: Piave stagionato; cantuccini



Massimo is a formally trained sommelier and economist whose passion for natural, organic and biodynamic wine producers in his native Italy led to the founding of Solo Cru. The company name translates as “only Cru,” meaning only the finest vineyards and wine producing areas of Italy. For Massimo this refers both to the quality of the finished product and the sustainability of the grape growing and wind producing process.

“From organic grape growing to recycled packaging,” he says, “I believe the traditional toast ‘to your good health’ applies equally to the planet as it does to ourselves.


Gaia is co-founder of Cucinato Studio and co-owner of Fattoria di San Quintino, an olive oil and wine producing estate in the Chianti region of Tuscany, which has been in her family for three generations. She is a PhD from the University of Florence and has done sommelier training for both wine and olive oil. She spent several years managing San Quintino before immigrating to Toronto in 2008.

Since arriving in Toronto and starting a family, Gaia has lectured, written articles and hosted culinary events on a variety of subjects related to Italian food: wine and olive oil tastings; lectures on the history of bread, cheese and herbs; and more.



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