Ragù alla Bolognese (Frozen)


Size | 3 portions


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Ragù alla Bolognese (Frozen)



3 portions

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      Italy's most iconic ragù sauce comes from Bologna, the capital city of Emilia-Romagna. Unlike North American adaptations that use a lot of tomato, this traditional recipes is meatier and slightly creamier in texture, with just a touch of tomato for depth of colour and flavour.  

      PORTION - 24 oz - enough sauce for one standard package of dried pasta (450-500 g) or 4 portions of our homemade. 

      Instructions - Heat at medium low heat in a pan till defrosted. Separately, cook the pasta; when it's al dente, remove from pot, mix in with ragù and cook a few mins longer at medium high, stirring, so pasta can absorb sauce while finishing. Usually it's best to add a little pasta water to the ragù because it gets quite dense - use your judgment. 

      Pairs well with - Pairs well with hearty pastas like our homemade fettuccine or dried rigatoni and ziti.

      Storage - Keeps approximately 5 days in fridge.