Where to Buy ‘Nduja in the Toronto Area


Calabrian cuisine has been in the spotlight lately with sold out events at Boccaccio Ristorante and Massimo Bruno’s Italian Kitchen Studio, and a guest appearance by Massimo on CTV’s Your Morning Show, where he made maccherone al ferro and talked about specialties like soppressata, cacciatore, pecorino crotonese and fichi secchi.

One of the featured ingredients of these events was Calabrian ‘nduja, a spicy, spreadable salume that was almost unheard of in Toronto a decade ago but has become quite popular at Italian restaurants and pizzerias around the city.

If fact when I recently interviewed chefs Rob Gentile (Buca), Basilio Pesce (formerly of Porzia, now at La Banane) and James Stanton (Enoteca Sociale) each of them talked about the importance of ‘nduja on their menu.

So it’s not surprising more and more people are asking us where they can buy ‘nduja – which gave me the idea of compiling this list. I should thank Numage Trading (importers of the excellent Madeo line of salumi) for helping me put it together.

Keep in mind that inventories ebb and flow so call ahead if you’re making a special trip to one of these stores in search of ‘nduja. And if there are any places I’ve missed on this list please indicate them in the Comments section and I’ll add them in.

City of Toronto

Tre Mari Bakery – 1311 St Clair Ave W

Centro Trattoria & Formaggio – 1224 St Clair W

Astro Meats – 1470 St Clair Ave W

Maselli’s Market – 906 Danforth Ave

Scheffler’s Deli – 91 Front St (St Lawrence Market)

Grande Cheese – 181 Milvan Dr (North York)

Grande Cheese – 22 Orfus Rd (North York)

Zito’s Marketplace – 210 Marlee Ave (North York)

Lady York Foods – 2939 Dufferin St (North York)

Coppa’s Market – 4750 Dufferin St (North York)

Coppa’s Market – 48 Bennett Rd (Scarborough)

Colangelo Brothers – 2387 Midland Ave (Scarborough)

North of Toronto

Grande Cheese – 468 Jevlan Dr (Woodbridge)

Cataldi Fresh Market – 140 Woodbridge Ave (Woodbridge)

Quality Cheese – 111 Jevlan Dr (Woodbridge)

San Antonio Seafood Market – 8383 Weston Rd (Woodbridge)

Seafood Depot – 81 Aviva Park Dr (Woodbridge)

Vicentina Fine Food – 109 Edilcan Dr (Concord)

Alloro Fine Foods – 13305 Hwy 27 (Nobleton)

Grande Cheese – 9737 Yonge St (Richmond Hill)

Garden Foods – 501 Queen St S, (Bolton)

Coppa’s Market – 3300 Rutherford Rd (Concord)

West of Toronto

Monastery Bakery – 1133 Monastery Dr (Oakville)

Truscott Italian Bakery – 2425 Truscott Dr (Mississauga)

Nardini Specialties (Stoney Creek) – 184 Hamilton Regional Rd 8 G (Stoney Creek)

Vincenzo’s Waterloo – 150 Caroline Street South (Waterloo)

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Here’s the ragu with sausage, porcini mushroom and ‘nduja Massimo Bruno made on CTV’s morning Show. For the full recipe including how to make homemade maccheroni al ferro, visit massimobrumo.com



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