Tuscan Harvest Dinner with Gaia Massai & Stefano Agostini

Friday, 5 October 2018, 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM | $75 + Taxes

Grape vines at Fattoria San Qutintino

La vendemmia — harvest time in Tuscany. With the leaves changing colours on the vine all over the region, it’s the prettiest time of the year!

Tonight’s dinner features a selection of typical fall dishes from Gaia’s region of Tuscany — from little known traditional dishes like spiedini all fiorentina to well known classics like schiacciata con l’uva.

Heading the kitchen tonight will our favourite Venetian chef, Stefano Agostini (owner of Pane e Vino (Mississauga) & Pescheria Agostini (Vicenza).


Ficchi, salame, pecorino
Crostoni con cavolo nero
Bruschetta con salsiccia e stracchino
Bruschetta al pomodoro

Zuppa farro e legumi (hearty ferro-based minestra with seasonal vegetables)

Secondo e contorni 
Spiedini alla fiorentina (traditional roasted meat, vegetable, bread and herb skewers) 
Roasted potatoes & fennel

Schiacciata con l’uva (Florentine cake made with fresh grapes) 


A selection of Italian wines will be available for purchase at the event. If you would like to bring your own wine there is $15 corkage fee.



2 thoughts on “Tuscan Harvest Dinner with Gaia Massai & Stefano Agostini

    • Hi Shar! Traditionally pork/sausage, veal and chicken are served but we can customize if you need. Just let us know ok? Thank you.

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