Special Dinner Event: The Jewish Italian Tradition

Thursday, 15 November 2018, 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM | $65 + Taxes

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Frisinsal (“Pharaoh’s wheel” tagliatelle). Photo Credit: Caroline Brouwer

Cucinato is pleased to present this special culinary event in collaboration with Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Toronto, who are presenting a live performance of Francesco Lotoro’s Concert Musica Concentrazionaria at 918 Bathurst on November 12, 2018. The dinner is accompanied with a short talk by Gaia Massai about the history and culture of Jewish food in Italy.

About Jewish-Italian Cuisine

Although the Jewish population in Italy is relatively small today, urban centres like Rome, Milan, Venice and Livorno – and small towns like Pitigliano in Tuscany – where once home to thriving Jewish communities.

Historically, Northern Italian Jewish communities had Ashkenazi (Eastern European) origins, while Central and Southern Jewish communities where of Sephardic origins (from North Africa or Spain).

Each community brought their traditional recipes and ingredients and integrated them into local cuisine in interesting ways. In some cases Italian dishes were adapted to Jewish cooking methods; in others, traditional Italian recipes can be traced to Jewish origins.

Dinner Menu 

Caponata alla giudia – eggplant stew (Sicily)
Zucca sfranta – pumpkin dip (Northern Italy)
Indivia con acciughe – endive with anchovies (Rome)
Bruschetta con concia di zucchine (Rome)

Piatti Unici
Frisinsal – “Pharaoh’s wheel,” aka tagliatelle with meatballs, pine nuts and raisins – (Venice)
Caciucco alla Livornese alla maniera ebraica – Livornese version of the Jewish “Caciucco” fish soup  (Tuscany)

Sfratti di Pitigliano – walnut and honey cookies (Pitigliano)
Cassola – Ricotta cake (Rome)
Amambar – Amaretti alla giudea (Piedmont)

A selection of kosher and non kosher wines will be available for purchase at this event. 



About Francesco Lotoro’s Concerto Musica Concentrazionaria

Italian teacher, composer and pianist Francesco Lotoro has been compiling original musical works composed by victims of Nazi forced labour and concentration camps for the past 30 years. His “Concerta Musica Concentrazionaria” (2018) is an new orchestral work that brings many of these original works together, to be performed in public, for the first time. The Toronto performance of the Concerto takes place November 12 at 918 Bathurst.