Giro D’Italia Restaurant Festival July 5-15 (Select Dates)

Calabrian Antipasto Platter

Sapore di Calabria Antipasti

On select dates between July 5-15 (see below), we are turning our culinary studio into a pop-up Calabrian restaurant to participate in Toronto’s premiere Italian Food Festival: Giro d’Italia! Giro is a “tour of Italy” that brings together Toronto’s top Italian restaurants to celebrate the diverse cuisine of Italy’s many regions.

Chef Luciano Schipano, a native of Calabria’s Catanzaro province, is excited to offer a prix fixe menu of traditional dishes from his home region, accompanied by carefully selected regional wines.

We will offer two seatings per evening, at 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM

Dates: July 5-8 and July 12-15



Sapore di Calabria platter (for 2 people)  

Stuffed eggplant with housemade ‘nduja; zucchini fritters;
roasted red peppers; pickled eggplant; green olives; Soppressata
di Calabria DOP; capocollo; nodini di mozzarella; baked ricotta;
housemade smoked swordfish carpaccio; bruschetta rosamarina


Lagane e Ceci
House made pasta with chickpeas, tomato & wild Calabrian herbs served with rustic crostini.
Bucatini al Ragù
Slow cooked tomato & goat ragù & crispy Pecorino Crotonese DOP chips
(n.b. meat served on the side)


Traditional farmhouse offal & pork sausage, poached with Italian herbs, then sautéed in Calabrian olive oil and garlic. Served with rapini & diced bread & hot pepper.


Old style salted cod, fried tempura style, served with cicoria & sauteéd Romano beans with chili flakes


Tartufo di Pizzo
Hazelnut gelato with a centre of molten fudge sauce,
Belgium cocoa powder


Locally produced 18-month pecorino; Caciocavallo Silano DOP;
sheep’s milk ricotta; fresh goat’s milk toma.
Served with fennel & cactus pears.

To reserve seats, call 647-343-3199 or click below for Open Table online booking 


Lagane e Ceci

Lagane e Ceci

Cervellati with Rapini


Baccalà with cicoria and romano beans




4 thoughts on “Giro D’Italia Restaurant Festival July 5-15 (Select Dates)

  1. Hello, I’m allergic to dairy (except butter). It looks like there’s a dairy-free option for the primi and secondi courses, I just wanted to confirm that that’s the case before making a reservation.


    • Hi Elaine, thank you for your message. The only items that contain dairy are the cheeses and gelato. For dessert we can offer a sorbet as a substitution to the gelato.

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