Cooking Class: Una Serata Napoletana with Chef Bruno Di Sarno

Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 6:30–10:00 PM | $100 + Taxes


Naples is an ancient port city, with origins dating back to at least the 6th century BC, and its cuisine reflects the many cultures that have inhabited the region over the past 3,000 years – especially Greek, Spanish and French. It’s the quintessential southern Italian city, and the birthplace of many iconic dishes like pizza, spaghetti, ragu sauce, sfogliatelle and many more.

Tonight’s hands-on, interactive cooking class is hosted by chef Bruno di Sarno, a native of Naples. He’s put together a menu featuring some of his hometown favourites. These dishes reflect the city’s history and natural surroundings – the countryside, Mount Vesuvius, and of course, the Mediterranean sea.

Calamari al salto con zucca e peperoncino
(A traditional dish combining flavours of the earth and sea: pan-tossed calamari, olives and peperoncino; served with pureed squash and “crocante” rustic bread)

Primo piatto
Strozapreti d’acqua e farina, con cozze e fagioli
(A neapolitan cucina povera dish, rustic and refined at the same time: hand made pasta served with mussels and cannellini beans)

Secondo Piatto
Filetti di maiale al latte con verza e pancetta
(A favourite dish of the eighteenth century kings: pork tenderloin, cooked in aromatized milk, served with braised cabbage and pancetta)

Semifreddo al cioccolato e croccante
(Chocolate semifreddo with praline croccante)

A selection of wines will be available for purchase by the glass or bottle. Or bring your own wine for a $15/bottle corkage fee.



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