Italian Food Culture In Toronto

According to the latest census, there are half a million Canadians of Italian descent living in Toronto. To put that number in perspective, there are only six cities with more Italians in all of Italy.

While the community has been around for more than a century, the majority of Italian immigrants arrived here in the ‘50s and ‘60s. They came from little towns all over the Italian peninsula, with many distinct dialects and cuisines. Thrown together in a new city, with a different climate and set of ingredients to work with, they created a version their traditional cuisine that became “Italian food” as it exists here today.

CUCINATO stands for cucina italiana in Toronto – the rich, ongoing history of Italian food culture in this city. We talk with chefs, bakers, grocers, butchers, winemakers, importers, local food producers, and ordinary people in the community who share their knowledge about the food and the stories behind it.

Tre Mari Opening Day

Deleo family and friends on Tre Mari’s opening day, 1960.