13 Dishes of Christmas (Calabrian Holiday Meal) 

Saturday, 24 November, 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM | $75 + Taxes

Pignolata (or “struffoli”). Photo Credit Feast Magazine

Calabrians love their folklore and traditions, especially around the religious holidays!

The 13 dishes of of Christmas Eve (representing Jesus and the 12 apostles) is the perfect example of this. Every item, from the bread that accompanies the meal to the chestnuts enjoyed after it, counts towards the number 13. Any more or less is brutta figure … to mention bad luck!

Join chef Luciano Schipano for this special holiday event, where he recreates the menu della vigilia he and his family enjoyed growing up in rural Calabria.


Zeppole – deep-fried savoury pastry

Spaghetti alle vongole – pasta with clams, white wine, tomato & herb

 Baccalà cu olive nere – traditional cod fish, lightly battered, sautéed with white wine and black olives

Frittura di calamari – fried squid

Cozze alla marinara – mussels sauteed in white wine, oregano and black pepper

Calamari ripieni – stuffed squid

Insalata mista



Roasted chestnuts


Fresh cut fennel

Pignolata (or “struffoli”) – honey-dipped traditional dough pastry

Turdilli (or “muriniedi”) – traditional confectionary made with eggs, flour, vermouth & honey


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